Sunday, March 8, 2009

My trip to my grandma's made me homesick

Well, I do love going to my grandma's and it's definitely beautiful out there, but being away from home, my friends, and most of all my boyfriend was not easy. I remember telling him that I'd probably only be able to call once, but I missed him soo much that I snuck the phone into my room and called him every day at least once, sometimes even up to four times in a day. The long-distance bill was probably ridiculous. I was surprised that I missed him so much. Sleeping alone was horrible. Now that's something that I've grown used to though. Boy do I wish I could go back to my grandma's now. Being homesick and missing my cutie pie. Talking to him each night right before I fell asleep. I would love to have even just that again. That loneliness was soo much better than how I feel now. I wish I could feel homesick like I did when I was up there again. Now I just feel so alone, hopeless, and lost. I feel like a lost little puppy caught in a storm searching desperately for the one that used to love and care for it so profoundly.

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