Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Common Sense to the Senseless

What has happened to people's common sense?

I hate when people don't want to listen to an explanation. They automatically get annoyed and assume your lying or complaining. Even if there was no logical reason whatsoever to lie. I always hear people out. Sometimes I get frustrated and try to interrupt, but for the most part unless I'm completely sure of what had happened, I will believe them. Maybe this is a fault of mine, but it's better than those people that automatically assume they are right. On top of it they won't even listen to see, that maybe, just possibly, they were wrong.

I wish they would; they could learn so much.


  1. I'm just talking about when you say something and the person misunderstands you or hears you wrong and they take it the wrong way. Then, when you explain to them that that's not what you said, they won't accept it. They convince themselves that you said it even if you really didn't. I mean, come on, if you said it yourself, than I think you know what you said. I just hate when people put words in my mouth and then when I try to correct them about what I said they say that I'm lying. Two basic things im talking about: I hate when people put words my mouth. I hate when people get mad because of what they THINK, when they're actually wrong about it, and then they won't even take the time to hear you out and see if maybe you really were telling the truth or you were right.

    and in the last line of the post I'm just saying that if those people would actually hear the person out or listen to what the person has to say they could actually learn something. Whether it be learning about the truth of a situation or actually literally learning something.

    Idk, I guess if you knew what the situation was it wouldn't seem so confusing.